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Payday Loans in Maryland

A little planning now may help you in the future to cope with unexpected emergencies that come your way. The first step starts by building an emergency fund, which is a focal part of every American's financial stability. An emergency fund is a stash of cash set aside as a financial safety for life's unexpected events. Many financial experts strongly encourage having money saved equals at least three to six months’ worth of your maintenance costs. 

But having no emergency buffer to secure yourself against unexpected surprises can make things get messy fast. However, even in this tricky situation, you may find a way out and get you back on track. Getting an emergency loan may be a proper solution to obtain extra money and handle the things you cannot budget. Check out Maryland emergency loans and get a quick fix once you run out of cash. 

What Should I Get a Payday Loan for?


Payday loans are small-dollar loans intended to help borrowers get quick cash to hold them over between their paychecks. Hence, the name paycheck loans or cash advance loans. These loans are a good option for borrowers with poor credit, as most lenders don’t pull credit reports to qualify for a loan. The amount of a payday loan may vary by state law, depending on where you live. Firstly, check your local regulation and clarify whether or not payday lending is legal in the state of your residence. 


The Advantages of Taking out Cash Loans in Maryland


If you are strapped for money, an emergency loan with no credit check may seem like a good option. However, before applying, check out the most iconic advantages you may potentially benefit from. 


No Hard Credit Check: Getting a loan from our lenders may not impact your credit since they perform no hard credit pulls to consider your credibility. However, keep in mind that your failure to pay off your loan may lead your debt to collection activities. Once your debt is sent to a collection agency, it may hurt your credit score, consequently impact your ability to borrow. 


No Rollovers: Payday loans have gained a negative reputation that traps borrowers in debt by forcing them to pick up a new loan to reimburse the old one. However, our lenders endeavor to help borrowers cope with financial emergencies rather than taking advantage of your bad financial state to make a quick buck.


Direct Deposit: Quickness and comfort are the main reasons why so many Americans rely on payday loans. Once you get approved for a payday loan, your lender may deposit cash directly into your bank account. When things come up, apply for fast money using our website and get your funding in as little as one business day. 


Quick and Easy Application: Fully online application processing grants quick access to a loan after completing your credit request. 


Useful Advice 

Unlike other conventional loans (such as installment loans), payday loans require a single lump-sum payment. It means you need to return your entire debt (the amount you own and interest altogether) in a one-time payment, typically upon your next paycheck. Make sure you can afford to pay off your loan on time; otherwise, you may be trapped in a never-ending cycle of debt. 

As a result of changes CFPB has made, from July 2020 the lenders don't have to check if the borrower is able to repay the loan. Thus, we encourage you to be careful and make sure you can afford the loan before applying.

Regulations of Payday Loans in Maryland
Status     Prohibited
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)     N/A
Minimum Loan Amount     N/A
Maximum Loan Amount     N/A
Minimum Loan Term     N/A
Maximum Loan Term     N/A
Number of Rollovers Allowed     N/A
Finance Charges     N/A
Cooling-off Period     N/A

Useful Sources

Real interest rate map /PDF/ of payday loans in the United States calculated on a typical loan.

Payday loans regulation /PDF/ by state 2020.

What you need to knwo as a Maryland customer.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) makes the financial marketplace work more effectively and educates consumers to help them take more control over their financial lives. Click here to learn more.
While Maryland is a member of PaydayFreeLandia (aka the 16 states in the U.S. that have reasonable interest rate caps which limit high-cost, usurious lenders from charging 300%-1200% for small, short-term consumer loans) payday lenders try again and again to gain entrance into our state. Whenever they make one of these attempts, we activate our networks to fight back and keep them from offering high-interest, debt trap loans to low-income Maryland consumers.

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