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Payday Loans in Wisconsin

Generally, your financial situation determines whether or not you should apply for a payday loan. If you have an emergency due within a few days of your next paycheck and can find a payday loan with quick approval, it may be a viable option.
Although a payday loan is becoming a popular option for those coping with unexpected expenses, it might wind up being more expensive in the long term. So it may not always be the best option worth practicing. Before you take an online payday loan, make sure you can afford to pay it back in full within a short period. Unlike other customer loans, you don't have longer repayment terms with monthly installments spread over some years. Payday loans are usually due until you get your next paycheck, typically from two to four weeks. 

Consider before Applying for a Payday Loan in Wisconsin!

If you do decide to apply for a payday loan, keep the following points in mind:

Ensure that you just borrow as much as you need: While the highest amount a lender offers may appear attractive, you don't necessarily need it as hefty repayments aren't worth it.

Take your time and look around: Make sure it's the appropriate fit for you before you apply. Different lenders may offer different products and credit terms, and one may be more advantageous for your exact situation than the other.

Choose your lender wisely: While the vast majority obey the FCA's rules, others have yet to do so. A simple check will reveal whether or not a lender is regulated by the FCA.

Impacts of not Paying back a Cash Loan 

Credit Check: Although the payday lending industry tries to avoid the mechanism of traditional credit checks, many lenders still report borrowers' financial information to major credit bureaus. For many applicants, this is a significant benefit because it helps to build credit. However, on the other hand, it may hurt your credit score if you default on your payday debt. 

Extra fees: If you fall behind on a payday loan repayment, you may face additional fees and interest, depending on your lender and the state where you reside. These fees are frequently in the form of non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees, which the lender might levy as a result of a failed payment. Furthermore, certain jurisdictions enable lenders to impose additional interest on past-due payments, which means that the longer you wait to pay, the higher your interest will be. 

Harder to Get Loans in the Future: Not meeting your contractual obligations may affect your ability to take out a new loan in the future. Defaulting on a payday loan may result in sending your account to a collection agency. Information on accounts under the collection may stay on your credit report for up to seven years, hence hurt your borrowing ability. However, at the same time, if you pick up a payday loan and pay it back on time, you may expect no effect on your credit report if a lender doesn't report to credit bureaus. 


As a result of changes CFPB has made, from July 2020 the lenders don't have to check if the borrower is able to repay the loan. Thus, we encourage you to be careful and make sure you can afford the loan before applying.

Regulations of Payday Loans in Wisconsin
Status     Legal
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)     574%
Minimum Loan Amount     N/A
Maximum Loan Amount     $1,500
Minimum Loan Term     N/A
Maximum Loan Term     90 days
Number of Rollovers Allowed     1
Finance Charges     2.75%/mo
Cooling-off Period     N/A

Useful Sources

Real interest rate map /PDF/ of payday loans in the United States calculated on a typical loan.

Payday loans regulation /PDF/ by state 2020.

Payday loans in Wisconsin are regulated by Wis. Stat. 138.14.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) makes the financial marketplace work more effectively and educates consumers to help them take more control over their financial lives. Click here to learn more.
Wisconsin Department of Finance accepts inquiries and complaints about payday loans in the state.

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