We are pleased to welcome you to the FAQ section. Here you may find the most common questions and answers related to payday lending and services available on our website. Please feel free to contact us directly if you come across problems that are not considered here. 

What are payday loans? 
Payday loans are usually defined as short-term emergency loans that are due on the borrower's next paycheck. These loans are meant to support borrowers in need with quick financial relief ranging from $ 100 up to $ 2500, depending on the state of the borrower's residence and credibility. 

How to get a payday loan? 
First, you need to submit your credit request on our website and connect with a suitable lender available through our network. 

What are the minimum requirements?
Each lender has slightly varying requirements; however, these are the most common criteria you may be required to fulfill: 

  1.  You must be at least 18 years of age,
  2.  You must be a citizen or a permanent resident of the US,
  3.  You must have an active bank account,
  4.  You must have proof of a stable income.

How much can I get?
The amount of a loan for payday advances varies between $ 100 and $ 2500. However, the range of funds may depend on different factors, such as the state of your residence, your credibility, and of course, the creditor's lending policy. 

Is my personal information safe?
We endeavor to provide our customers with high-quality and secure services. That's why we utilize various security measures and data encryption methods to secure your info. To get more information on how we collect, use, or disclose your data, please review our Privacy Policy. 

What does do?
Disclaimer: is not a lender and does not have any involvement in making credit-related decisions. We simply cultivate borrowers' credit requests through our system and deliver them to third-party independent lenders. Once you complete your credit request, our network of lending partners observes it and decides whether or not to make a credit offer. Please note that credit terms may vary from lender to lender; thus, we advise reviewing and understanding the terms and conditions before accepting the offer. 

Why should you be conscious? 
Payday loans are designed as small cash advances with short repayment terms; Thus, you have to be ready to pay them off in a short period. The major risk that borrowers can face is being stuck in debt traps and rollovers. If you cannot afford the loan and make timely payments, please consider other options for getting money. 

Can I obtain a payday loan with bad credit?
Commonly, payday lenders don't perform hard credit checks, thus don't check your FICO score while making credit decisions. Hence, it's possible to get a loan even if your credit history is more than hopeless. 

Can payday loans affect my credit?
Mostly, payday lenders don't apply hard credit pulls while deciding whether or not to approve your credit request, thus applying for a payday loan cannot affect your credit. Nevertheless, your default on a payday loan may end up sending your debt to a collection agency, which will be reported on your credit history. 

Are payday loans allowed in all states of the US?
Payday loans are prohibited in several states; Thus, we encourage our customers to check the local regulation and state laws before submitting a credit request. 

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