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Loan Calculator


What is A Loan Calculator? 
Loan calculators are designed for the borrowers to identify their monthly repayments and for the lenders to define the appliers’ financial affordability for free. These tools show the economic consequences of variables in mortgage financial agreements. The main types of variables are loan principal, interest rates, balance, regular payment amount, annual and total payments. 
Directions for Use 
If you want to see how much the loan will cost:
  1. Type the amount you wish to borrow. 
  2. Determine the period for how long you intend to take the loan. 
  3. Select the interest rate. 
Underneath the calculator, your screen will show the calculated amount of monthly repayments, the total repayable amount, and the total interest.

How is The Final Amount Calculated?  
The process of calculation is easy and quick. The principal amount plus interest rates are divided over the loan repayment period. Consequently, a $2500 loan for five years will cost smaller monthly repayments than the same loan for two years, considering that the repayments are split over a longer period of time. 

Loan Calculating Formula 
The following formula shows what the monthly payments are made up from:


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